Build Forearms Fast - Hardgainer's Guide

Build Forearms Fast - Hardgainer's Guide

I just recently decided that I wanted to build forearms. Since most workouts target them, I guess I figured I used them enough throughout the week to skip total forearm workouts. Bad move, while all the muscle groups are getting full stimulation, neglecting them could make it impossible to build forearms. The good thing is, since they are a small muscle and already being used regularly, you won’t have to perform total isolation workouts more than once or twice a week to build forearms.

Not really worried about good looking forearms?
That’s fine; forearms are used for a lot more than just looking good in shirts that cover the biceps. Choosing to build forearms will actually aid in other areas of lifting.
For example: Did you know that having stronger forearms can actually help increase your bench press? Interested in building bigger and stronger forearms now?
Build Forearms Fast
-Barbell wrist curls: Palm up
-Reverse barbell wrist curls: Palm down
-One handed dumbbell wrist curls: Palms up
-One handed reverse dumbbell wrist curls: Palms down
-Reverse barbell wrist curls /behind the back: Palms up

Isolation workouts to build forearms fast
Because forearms are a small muscle and used during most workouts, you won’t have to focus on them for too long. Two to three exercises with four sets each should be enough. To get the entire muscle, make sure to perform one palm up and one palm down exercise.

Sample routines
1. Barbell wrist curls (4x10)
2. One handed reverse dumbbell wrist curls (4x10)
1. Reverse barbell wrist curls/ behind the back (4x10)
2. One handed dumbbell wrist curls (4x10)
3. One handed reverse dumbbell wrist curls (2x10)
4. Barbell wrist curls (2x10)

Super set variations
(Super set to get a great pump)

1. Barbell wrist curls / Reverse barbell wrist curls (4x10)

1. One handed dumbbell wrist curls / one handed reverse dumbbell wrist curls (4x10)
These isolation workout variations or anything similar will be sufficient to build forearms fast. It is a small price to pay for increasing forearm size, strength, and assisting you in other areas of lifting. Once or twice a week, 2-3 different workouts, four sets each, and you are on your way.
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Anonymous said...

A quick question about working the forearms and biceps.

Thing is, whether I only work out my arms (biceps and triceps) or work them out with another larger body part suchh as back or shoulders, I start feeling pain all over my arm around the shoulder area.

Sort of feels like a stretch and it hurts a lot. Is this normal? Or am i working out wrong? Thing is, I dont have any shape on my arms, i do slow motion such as i pay ,more attention to the technique. Whether I do heavy or light, i feel more stretch sort of pain than on the biceps instead...

MuscleMonsters said...

This could be caused by a number of different things. 1, you could possibly be performing these workouts with incorrect form. 2, if you have just started working out and your biceps or triceps arent developed or strong enough, you are naturally going to put more pressure on other muscles (shoulders). 3, you could have some sort of tear or injury to your shoulder.

What i would do first is consult a physician to make sure the shoulders are ok. If so, make sure the form u are using is correct, if it is, you need to start strengthening the shoulders. Regardless, you should be working shoulders anyway, but in your case, u might HAVE to work your shoulders in order to perform other exercises without pains.

Thanks for reading, if you have anything else to add, feel free to do so.

Anonymous said...

Does working out your arms matter? Because in your 3 days a week full body workout, you only included bicep workout and not triceps...

Anonymous said...

Will doing freeweights only build bigger arms, or will doing heavy weights on machines help build as well?

MuscleMonsters said...

In the three day routine they are all compound workouts. Meaning they all target more than one muscle group. The bench press and military shoulder press both target triceps.

Machines are effective but not so much as free weights. Never supplement your free weights for machines unless you absolutely must.

Anonymous said...

At the moment my wrist is aching a bit from injury, im not able to do freeweights for all workouts except for squats and deadlifts, what kind of exercises can i do to keep the muscles and strength from growing for chest, shoulders and arms workouts?

MuscleMonsters said...

Honestly, I would stay completely off the weights until its healed. Focus on healing it and that way you can lift at 100 percent. Its better to take a week or two off to let it heal than it is to put more strain on it and cause a bigger injury. You wont lose muscle if you consume proper nutrition, and the little muscle you may lose will rebuild extremly fast due to muscle memory.

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